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Among one of the most important factors in project planning is the cost. Accordingly, I can provide a very realistic budget for the style of project you are considering, based on the information that you provide below. Simply answer the questions as best you can, and I will provide a quick response, or contact you to review the provided information.
You will note that other than the color question in item #6, there is no mention of colors or stamped pattern. Unless there is something really unusual about your selections, these items will not influence the cost of the project.

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Project Questions:  
1) What is the approximate size of the project in square feet? You can provide approximate dimensions of the work, or the approximate total area. Estimates are sufficient to provide a reasonable unit price for the work.
2) What are the existing conditions? Is there existing concrete, stone, or any other items that will need to be removed, worked around, or otherwise accounted for such as air conditioning units, steps, or gutter downspouts?
3) Is the work area relatively flat (<1/2” / foot slope), or considerable slope (>1” / foot slope)? You can just estimate the drop from the highest end of the work area to the lowest end.
4) Can we access the area with excavating, grading, or concrete placement equipment? The excavating and grading equipment require an approximately 6’ wide path, while the concrete placement equipment requires a 4’ wide path. The ability to use this equipment greatly increases the efficiency of our work, and reduces the cost to you.
5) Will any steps be required on this project? If so, what is the vertical drop from the top step to where you envision the main concrete level? - how wide must the steps be?- is a landing required at the top of the steps?
6) Are you interested in borders or other aesthetics to complete the desired look of your project? If so, approximately how many linear feet will be required, and will the color scheme be different for these delineated areas?
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